Using only the highest quality products, we create longer, thicker, and beautiful lashes tailored to your lifestyle and the shape of your eyes.


Eyelash Extensions

Lash Lift$90+
Natural Set: 50 Lashes (100 total)$150+
Full set of 50 lashes per eye. Our Natural Set will enhance your lashes so they are longer, thicker, and more luscious than before, while maintaining a slightly more conservative look than our other looks. Maintenance required within 2-3 weeks for $75.
The Signature (140 total)$185+
Full set of 70 lashes per eye. Our most popular look, the classic set of lashes adds additional definition and thickness to create a style that is stunning, yet looks effortless. Maintenance required within 2-3 weeks for $85.
Lash Removal (60 Minutes)$50+
Lash Lift & Tint$105+
Lash Tinting$30+